2015 Photos

2015 was another successful year for our hunters.  The spring was wet and cold with poor bear movement, but Jerome Martin from France and returning hunter Bryan Wilson both managed to get nice brown bears, and Bryan took a nice black bear also.  The fall weather was much better and we took 3 bull moose in the first 2 days of the season.  The Mountain Goats are doing very well with 11 hunters taking 11 goats including 2 archery kills and a 10.5′ Boone and Crockett dandy.  Our mild winters have been very good on the blacktail deer, whose population is rebounding very well.  I also had to include some pictures from My Colorado elk hunt with my stepsons, Davis and Jacob.  We had a very good time.  With a new web page format that is easier for me to understand, I plan on being more proactive about keeping things updated.  Check out the new Journal Page where I will post ideas and thoughts that are relevant to our industry.  I have also added more videos and will continue to do so.  As usual, I would appreciate any feedback anyone might want to give me.