2020 Season Hunters 

What can I say about 2020? We all experienced unprecedented situations and circumstances, but we got through it. Our Governor, in his infinite wisdom, closed spring bear hunting across the State (I didn’t realize you could get Covid from bears). After a huge backlash from resident hunters, he decided to only close it to non-residents. It did not affect us very much because we only had a few clients booked which we put off to future years, but it had a huge impact on many other operators. The Outfitters on the Alaskan Peninsula were especially impacted because they can only hunt bears every other spring. Fortunately, by fall, restrictions were lifted so that non-residents could enter the State with the requirement that everyone arrive with proof of a negative Covid test within the previous 72 hours. We had 2 parties that chose not to come up, but they were booked into future slots and the vacant spots were very easily filled. It seems that there were a lot of hunters anxious to get into the woods, especially those that could not hunt in Canada because of the border closures. We had a great season despite it all with 100% success on Mountain Goats, including 3 archery kills. We have the same great team working for us and we do not require you to wear a mask!

On another note, my wife, Alicia, killed her first bull moose down in the Bering River area. He measured 55” and was a big bodied bull. We packed out 800 lbs. of meat and our freezer is graciously full. Unfortunately, the bull quota was reduced in this area, and the State eliminated the non-resident hunt so I can no longer offer moose hunts. I will update everyone when this situation changes.