2012 Photos

If there is one word to describe this last fall, it would be WET! Cordova got 81 inches of rainfall in the month of September alone. You can see from the flooded tents picture what happens to base camp after 3 days of continuous rainfall. Luckily, everyone was prepared and nothing really was damaged. We did have a few nice days and were able to capitalize on them, especially with the mountain goats. We only had one archer who did not get his goat, and it was entirely because of the weather. We were only able to hunt for 2 ½ hours in 8 days because of the weather. Most of the time was spent moving the tents to stay above the water.

The record snowfall that Cordova got last winter did not seem to have much affect on the bears and mountain goats. The blacktails did take a good hit and the moose to a lesser degree. I did manage to get a picture of a day’s old fawn while salmon fishing this spring, so there was some survival.

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