2022 Season Hunters 

We are losing 6 minutes of daylight every day and it is snowing.  Winter is coming on fast.  We had a great season despite some of the most challenging weather we have ever seen.  Our spring hunts went well with many bears sighted.  We watched a big male brown bear kill a cub that his mom was trying to protect and were reminded of some of the cruelties of Nature.  Spring and summer were unusually hot and dry, and our salmon run on the Copper River came back stronger than expected.

Everything changed about July 22 when a large low pressure system settled over the Bering Sea and remained nearly stationary for almost 3 months.  It brought more precipitation to our area and many areas of the State than anyone can remember.  We did get a couple of 2-3 day breaks and managed to get down to the Bering River and do our annual meat hunt.  We took 3 bulls in one spot on hard ground, so we couldn’t ask for more.  18 hours later with packing and the use of the capstan winch we had all of the meat back on the boats.  Packer, Caleb Crocker also took a brown bear.  The State eliminated the non-resident moose hunt in this area, so I still no longer have a place to take moose hunters.  Hopefully that will change in the next couple of years.

Mountain Goat season started on September 15th with some very wet weather indeed.  In spite of this we only had one hunter who was not successful.  It was very challenging trying to get the moisture out of the hides so we will be building a drying room with heat and dehumidifiers for the future.  We took 2 brown bears on our combination bear/goat hunt, but the goats were elusive with the poor weather and the hunt was cut short because of work constraints.

We’ve still got the same crew of hard working, experienced guides plus some new blood that keeps the operation going strong.  Enjoy the pictures and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to set up a hunt.