Reference Testimonials

Jesse Schowengerdt


I just wanted to thank you for a hunting experience that I will never forget. The area was beautiful and breathtaking, your knowledge of the land and animals was unmatched and the adventure of the whole experience was a complete adrenaline rush. I learned so many things hunting with you and I came back from Alaska with more than just a beautiful mountain goat. I came back with a deep respect and appreciation for mountain hunting.

When it comes to hunting mountain goats with archery equipment, the difficulty is taken to a whole different level. Instead of refusing to take bowhunters, you welcome them. Your knowledge, ability, skill and positive attitude is truly reflected in your client’s success ratio. You know what it takes to get archery close, but your skill as a guide goes way beyond just the kill. I saw a great respect and admiration for the majestic creatures that you guide your clients to…not just as a way to make money, but as a true love and passion for pursuing such a magnificent animal.

I have researched many outfitters who hunt for mountain goat and now that I have hunted with you, I can safely and confidently say that you are the number one source for mountain goat with a bow. Your equipment is all new and top of the line, the air transportation service was first class, all of my cape and horns were very well taken care of and your attention to detail after the harvest was fantastic. After tagging out, we went salmon fishing. Talk about a thrill. Wrestling those big salmon was an awesome experience.

Dennis, you and your wife truly make a great team and you run a first class operation. I had an absolute wonderful time hunting with you. Again, the memories that I made in Alaska go way beyond the harvest of my mountain goat. It is an experience that I can’t wait to someday tell my grandchildren. Keep up the good work. You are the best.

Your friend,

Jesse Schowengerdt

Michael P. Sokol

I would like to provide my recommendation for booking a hunt of a lifetime with Dennis Zadra of Lonesome Dove Outfitters. In 2001 I selected Lonesome Dove Outfitters to guide my archery Mountain Goat hunt after extensive research. Archery hunting requires a unique understanding of the animals and the environment in which they live. I needed a guide capable of handling the physical and mental aspects of hunting in the harsh environment a Mountain Goat calls home. Dennis Zadra exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the hunt. The Chugach Range provided an outstanding opportunity to kill a trophy animal in one of the most picturesque environments on the face of the earth. Dennis uses the best bush pilots available and provides high quality equipment necessary to withstand the harsh environments of Alaska. I can honestly say that I have met my match in physical endurance and strength with Dennis. The man is tireless and capable of carrying huge loads up and down the mountains. His positive attitude and sense of humor is contagious. Dennis’s familiarity of the land and knowledge of the wildlife helped me to kill a Pope and Young Trophy Mountain Goat on the third day of my hunt. Dennis also provided me with the opportunity to catch Silver Salmon after my hunt.

Based on my mentioned success in 2001, I booked a Dall Sheep hunt with Lonesome Dove Outfitters in August of 2004. We hunted the Northern Chugach Mountains in a very game rich environment. We glassed 11 rams with 7 of them being legal full curls on the first day. After scouting the area for three days prior to opening day, we set up spike camp on the side of the mountain the afternoon before opening day of the season. The ram we were after was exactly where Dennis said he would be when daylight broke. We packed my bow and rifle up the mountain and 65 minutes later, I had a magnificent trophy Dall Ram dead high on a pinnacle. I had intended to use my archery equipment on this hunt, but the sheer vertical topography made it nearly impossible to close the distance on these majestic animals.

If you are looking for an adventure and the opportunity to take a trophy of a lifetime, I highly recommend that you book a hunt with Lonesome Dove Outfitters. Dennis is more than a highly qualified outfitter and guide, he is a true friend driven by the passion and love of the outdoors. Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss my hunts in detail. I can be reached at 920-980-1817.

Michael P. Sokol

Sargento Foods, Inc.

Al Wynn

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed my hunt with you this past September. I have been on 9 guided hunts in the past 4 years and my Mountain Goat/Bear hunt with you was the best of them all. The quality and quantity of game we saw was awesome. We spotted over 50 goats in 3 days including 2 10” billies. I managed to take a beautiful 10 _” billy on day 2 that will make the Boone and Crockett record book. Then after the other hunters tagged out, you took me on a two day Brown Bear hunt that I will never forget. After an exhilarating ride in the zodiac, we stalked and harvested a fantastic 8 foot Brown Bear that was the thrill of a lifetime for me.

Everything about the hunt with Lonesome Dove Outfitters was pure perfection: the game, the area, the customer service, your guides, and the adventure of it all. If you ever need a reference for any kind of hunt, please call on me. You are the hardest working and most dedicated outfitter I have ever come across.

Thanks for making this hunt one of the best memories in my life. I hope I can hunt with you again some day.


Al Wynn