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Mountain Goat Combination Hunts

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We start hunting Mountain Goats on September 15th after they have their winter coats. Overall success rate has been 90% since 1996. The success rate is very high because we have several core areas in which to hunt, and we do not over hunt the areas. Our clients have taken 12 mountain goats since 2001 that have scored high enough to make the all time Boone and Crockett (B&C) record book.

This hunt can be very physically demanding, especially if you are looking for a B&C contender, but it is this effort that makes it such a rewarding experience. I have always believed that you get out of a hunt what you put into it, and you will leave with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. This hunt has been featured on 4 TV shows with Tom Miranda’s Advantage Adventures, Cabela’s Sportsman’s Quest with Jay Novacek, Ted Jaycox’ World of Hunting, and Territories Wild featuring Greg Ritz..

We set up a comfortable base camp at the point where we leave the bush plane, but the hunt is conducted out of a spike camp. You will be required to carry a backpack with your rifle or bow along with your sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and personal gear. We will provide all of the camping gear. Food will be Mountain House freeze dried food while up in spike camp. You will also be provided with a climbing axe and crampons to help negotiate the more difficult country. Mountain Goat hunting is statistically the most dangerous hunting with more hunters killed or injured per capita than any other species, including bears and elephants. This is simply because of the terrain that they choose to call home. We are very experienced in our hunting areas and have never had a client get injured. We know what terrain is safe and also what terrain we need to stay out of. Fortunately, mountain goats are relatively easy animals to hunt once you get to where they live. Unlike British Columbia where they are hunted at altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet, we are starting at sea level and rarely go above 3000 feet. We have a lot more oxygen in the air.

We have a couple of areas where we can offer a Brown Bear/Mountain Goat combination hunt out of the same camp.  These are rifle hunts with the possibility of a wolf also.

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